Reserve a Room

The Library offers the Auditorium, Board, and Program rooms available to reserve for a variety of uses.  These rooms have a fee, must be reserved for a minimum of two hours, and are available during regular Library hours as provided in the Library’s Meeting Room Policy.  The Board Room is setup conference style, while the Auditorium and Program rooms have a variety of room setups and equipment that can be selected.  Requests may be made up to two months in advance through the online reservation system or through the Library Administration office.  For more information about meeting rooms please contact Library Administration at (563) 589-4313.


In addition to the Auditorium, Board Room and Program Room, the Library has a small study/meeting room on the first floor of the Library for up to four individuals.  This room is free of charge and on a first come, first served basis for up to two hours at a time.  Stop by Children’s desk on first floor to check out the key for this room or for more information call (563) 589-4225 and ask for the Children’s Desk.  If you are interested in renting this room in advance for $10.00 per hour please contact Library Administration at (563) 589-4313.